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PAEMST Application Deadline Delayed

The PAEMST Team has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and realizes that teachers across the country have been significantly impacted by this virus through school closures. For those of you that are considering submitting an application for PAEMST, not being in the classroom provides an added challenge, especially around the video component.

We want to give all teachers, regardless of their state or jurisdiction, a fair opportunity to apply for PAEMST. Therefore, we have decided to delay the deadline to submit a PAEMST application to October 26, 2020. However, in order to submit by this new deadline, teachers must have completed eligibility by May 1, 2020 . We recommend working on all components of your application that you can complete now, including the Written Response sections that do not deal with your lesson, and working on your video when possible.

With this new extension, you have three options for recording your video component:

  • If you have already recorded a video, or are still teaching in the classroom, you can use a video from this current school year.
  • If you are teaching virtually, you can record and submit a video of you working with your students via Zoom, WebEx, or another collaborative platform.
  • If you are unable to facilitate either of the above items, you can record a video next fall once you are in the classroom again.

We will be continuing our Applicant Webinar series and adding more throughout the summer. Click the Application Webinars link to access the full list of webinars and register for the webinar(s) that you would like to attend.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at We are here to help!


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